Mark Blain

“The Secret Covenant” by Mark Blain (AKA – Kidoshar)

And as for those they look up to for guidance? We will enlist them into our camp (-s), doing so by gently encouraging them, and allowing them to believe they are guiding themselves. But they can NEVER really be a part of our league. Our kind can never mix with their kind, not on ANY level; our bloodlines must always be pure, for it is the way.

We will keep them separated and from unifying by dogma and religion, philosophy and politics, teachings and ideology. We will control all aspects of their lives, telling them what to think and how. We will foment animosity between them through factions, etc., and even convince them to kill one another — all in the name of a god and/or nation and /or so-called noble cause. They will go to war with one another, ripping out the throats and hearts of their fellowman, and even killing of their own kids. We will do these horrendous things whenever it suits us.

And if, over chance, a light does shine amongst them, to reveal our subtle deviousness, we shall extinguish it by ridicule, discred, false accusations of mental health issues, or, if necessary, outright assassination (JFK and his kin opened their mouths?); whatever suits our fancy. We accomplish our campaigns of ridicule and discredit by using hate as our ally, anger as our friend, and fearmongering as our most precious of comrades. These will blind them and never shall they see that from their conflicts WE emerge victorious, while they die in our stead. They will be too busy murdering one another, drowning in their own “raging-seas-of-blood,” so to speak. And we will reap bountiful profits from their warring and death!

We control the monetary systems that imprison these sheep, keeping them and their progeny indebted from now til eternity. We control the lands, oceans, seas, rivers, natural resources, economics, educational institutions, labor forces, legal machinery, law enforcement, military might, and politics. All the world’s natural resources and everything else is in our power, in order to maintain control over them.

We shall deceive them into believing they have some hope. But it is ONLY fleeting, not real. If they should band together, rising up against us, we will accuse them of crimes, convene lies before our grand juries, and force them into accepting laws and plea agreements lest we rain the full weight of our power down on their heads so as to totally crush their resolves into meaningless chatterings. And all the while we will have our svengoolies, in their media to the mindless masses, present stories other than the truth, thus controlling sentiment in our favor, and enraging the minds of the exra-fleeced sheep against their own.
We will recruit some of their own to carry out our plans, promising them eternal life in exchange for betrayal of their fellowman. Fools — eternal life you cannot attain unto, for you are NOT “Israel” because you were born of “Israel.” You are not, nor can you attain unto “…one with mighty powers…”. These unawares recruits will be indoctrinated to believe in false “rites,” that earn them “levels of knowledge,” towards a non-existing prize of “life eternal!” Members of their groups will think they are one of us never knowing the real truth: that they are but lambs for the slaughter. For their participation, they will be rewarded with material gains, earthly tangibles, that in reality mean less than nothing. They will be granted great titles of prestige to feed their insatiable egos and folly will be their fair as they lust for a power that does not exist. So grand the delusion will be that they will not realize, until it is too late, that THEY ARE THEIR OWN SELF-DELUSION!!!

This is the secret covenant by which we shall exist for the rest of our lives, transcending many generations, being passed on to our progeny for eternity.

Julius Caesar mused upon crossing the Rubicon: “The die us cast.” Meaning, there is no turning back now.

May Your Blessings Be Pure and Sure. Shalom…

Mark Blain, #1154225
Nottoway Corr. Ctr., LOE-108
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922


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