Anthony Waters

THE FACT, by Anthony L. Waters


the fact of falling in love is not wack,
u give your love with your all,
the problem accurs when that certain person don’t show u the same commen courtiousy to show u you love back,
that’s when your heart skip a beat like a scratched c.d playing your favorite track,
its hard to make a pack,
when u not foresure that person gone have your back when they are under pressure,
the fact is u dont know if they will crack when times are oppressive and they attack.
so I excellarate,
mash the gas on myself and celebrate,
I know what they say love is,
because I fail in love with my girl kids,
now I understand how a woman came from a man ribs,
hanging on life as though its bobwire,
lust and desire with a cause that’s raised from men fire,
so scared of dieing we forget about the things that keep us alive,
not knowing that we took a dive in order to be wise to arrived.

I poured salt instead of sugar,
bad mistake,
surrounded around people who was sweet like a upside down pineapple cake,
what would u do to go legit,
would u be the square in a circle knowing u didn’t fit.

Love ain’t wack to be exact,
starring at the same wall with different plaques,
we bubble in the mist of our struggles,
hard times don’t let up until they double,
never knew fear until I was shown it,
I captured it through my love one’s then clone it,
I realized through clear eyes I owned it.

but through the will of God’s grace I can look love in the face,
and say I love u and mean it and show it,
I learned to let by gones be by gones because everybody got a closet with dry bones,
so the state of trying to love is to try to love,
because its possible to love if u want to be loved,
in order to add love u have to multiple the growth between y’all both so u both can grow,
I am not to tell no woman to lose their man,
I’m just saying he got to show u he is worth more then a million cans,,,

being a subtraction sign is not a plus,
the value of money and love is not the same because only one will turn into dust.

So no,
falling in love is not wack,
just make sure the one u fall in love with passes every test on having your back when hardship attacks…this is the facts…

I beseech u not lose out on best friends when it comes down to women/men because u to focus on the appearance instead of the loyalty,love and the trust, beauty is only skin deep that can change over time but if u treat your partner with respect and protect her or his feelings and each others heart u would be able to say this person is all mines,
not even time will be able to replace what’s been tattooed in each others heart,
nor death will have a chance to tear y’all apart.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

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