James Tayse

someone please help me (part 3), by James Tayse

on the other hand if they would just drop the charges and then my case would become final and appealable for the first time, and then I could raise the issue that the state used known perjured testimony to get a wrongful conviction, see after I was found guilty of the other charges, the court appointed me a lawyer who filed my appeal, nothing was raised right, she just raised some basic arguments that didn’t even pertain to my case, but the end result was my appeal was denied. some time had past and I ended up in lucasville, maximum security prison where your locked down 23 and 1, while there I bought some law books and started studying, it was not long before I read about perjury and how if you can prove that a witness lied against you, and the prosecutor either knew or should have known, then a reversal is virtually automatic, once I read that my heart stopped, I always knew that several of the witnesses against me and not only lied but the prosecutor knew and encouraged them to lie, I did more research and found more cases, eventually I filed some motions stating my allegations, and the first motion was denied res judicata, they said that issue should of been raised on my first appeal , they were right it should of been, and had i had a competent attorney, it would of been , but it was not. so I had to find a way to get it in front of the courts, and basically there are only two ways you must either have newly discovered evidence that was never presented, or prove that the court lacked jurisdiction, like I previously said several of the witness lied against me, and I’m not talking a simple lie, or a half truth, but they got on the stand and told a complete story, and it was the prosecutor who helped and lead them in this story, the truth is on 4-16-03, I went to my exs house to wish her a happy birthday, but she was already out celebrating at a bar with her husband, well her daughter asked me for a ride to her friends house, and I dropped her off and went home, at some point that night my exs husband found out that I was on his property and gave his daughter a ride, he flipped out on my ex, because he knew we were still seeing each other, and he called the police on me and I was charged with trespassing and interference with the custody of children, several months later he caught me and his wife together in a bar, well him and a friend jumped me, they were charged with assault, when he went for his preliminary hearing the prosecutor approached me and explained that because he was on state parole and just got out of prison he would be violated and sent back to prison if the charges were bound over to the court of common pleas, and asked me if I’d be willing to make a deal, the end result was I got a $1,000.00 cash as restitution and the charges for trespassing and interference with the custody of children were dropped against me.

James Tayse
DOC #540-094

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