Da'keith Pleasant

LESSONS OF LOYALTY, by Da’keith Pleasant

i been sitting in prison for 5 yrs n it realli amazes me ppl treat us because of our absence, i try telling ppl how prison makes us feel some type of way and changes and numbs us, ike its crazii how the ppl who love yu so much show mixed love that we get it confused with hate… i done felt the neglect i done felt the im all alone feelings, i still recieve it…….aawhat i b tryin to get ppl out in the real world to understand is your actions shown to us in here always ictate the reaction when we touchdown out there….this place numbs souls and freezes hearts….in certain cases yu gotta understand the type ppl yu dealing with, like in my case i dont got natural life i got an outdate i will be home soo… everybody in jail has outdates ion care who yu is even ppl with life has outdates its just some ppl’s arrive faster than others……im not sayin im glad i came to jail but i am thankful for the expierince because it showed me things i wouldnt have seen if i wouldnt have been in here it revealed the intentions and true feelings from others….it helped me see the woman i loved and showed udying loyalty to who i thought the feelings was mutual wasnt true and she wasnt as loyal as she claimed to b…..i saw once things took a turn she wouldnt have took that road with me, and i think prison for showing me that….it also showed me that the homies i called my brothers who i done shot at ppl n did foul stuff to help us survive out there realli didnt have any love for me they was onli my brother because it was beneficial and fear played its part…..it also showed me family is just relatives,it showed me just cause we got the same blood it dont mean nothing….my point is prison helped me grow mentally n physically and helped me devolop emotional control……the bigger picture im trying to paint is blood makes you related loyalty makes you family man i learned i can onli b loyal to myself and at the end of the day thats all we all have for sure is ourself……..i just feel like a person in my position dont stand a chance against fake shyt a man like myself dont blend with fake stuff…… but this is all jus mental food……… if yu want to converse about anything i wrote we can speak….jpay.com Da’keith Pleasant #710040 thanks for tuning in

Da’keith Pleasant
DOC #710040

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