Major McCormick

I Know, by Major McCormick

Im a person of profound thoughts, alot of time I think about the gravity of life, all of the red lights , and green lights, te rules, the laws, and human nature, last but not least in these collection of thoughts, GOD. Because of my latest phase in tis journey we choose to call life ive developed a raerful relationship with God. At one point in my journey, I had a million questions abut God, the bible, myself and people who believed in him. Was he color oriented? Based on belief? Strict rules? Perfection, good, bad, or were we ever supposed to be in any type of relationship wit a being that has the power to speak a world, universe, and breathe a life into existence. Was this relationship make believe? or something created by man long ago? I discovered after great anguish and many experiments with reality that God is a big listener, and a patient one in observation… He is always waiting for your communication with him. He is always tere. Ive discovered teh timeshe seems th frthest away are the times you need to come closer to him. ertain prayers take time to be fufilled, trust an believe God knows when you are redy, or why you are not ready in all things you should try to understand that God is in control of all things

Major McCormick
DOC #686167


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