Ali Jabbaar

“Bleeding More…More Bleeding” Bleeding Part IV, by Ali Ace Jabbaar

Who am I? Who was I? What does my future hold? Bleeding More for that story untold. Many lives at stake. I do and don’t anticipate how it will all unfold. A lot of it will be bold. And have me bleeding more. I’m out of one game , but still looking to score. Contrast to what got me behind these doors and made an exit out my life for those who weren’t destined before. Made me poor. Now I pour “Please forgive me Lord”. Some forgive me not; the reason I’m Bleeding More..More bleeding from my blood cots. Time my worst enemy, could also be a complimentary has now set the stage for this unprecedented documentary. I’m the star, the leading role with not much a leading role. Only if I die will the the audience increase in polls.

Ali Jabbaar
DOC #623086

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