Ali Jabbaar

“Effortlessly Bleeding” (Part III), by Ali Ace Jabbaar

Clear tears have turned red. Poke a dotted my bed. And clothes. I’m cold and freezing. Effortlessly Bleeding. Movements of a sloth. If I could see the light I’d be a moth. I hear my kids voices, calling for me, But I cant help them. I’m far away Bleeding Effortlessly and excessively like my blood is infinite. But I know that it isn’t. Effortlessly Bleeding right to the limits. Reached a point of no return again. I promise I did learn. When is this all going to to end? Losing emotions like I have Alzheimer’s. But this Effortless Bleeding is a constant reminder..of my location. And my situation. I keep my head up but there aren’t any constellations. I look straight ahead, man that’s a long ride. Look left and right, no one by my side. Not even my conscience to tell me my options. “Quarterback draw!” what? that doesn’t make sense. Effortlessly Bleeding a foot, barely moving an inch. Glad I can’t smell the stench or feel the pinch of the spider that landed on my hand. Got him a nice place for web building. I’m an attic; used to be a nice thing but lost the magic like I lost the rest of this poem. …. Effortlessly Bleeding

Ali Jabbaar
DOC #623086

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