Max McBride

Lostworld, by Max MCbride

everybody got a gun
Youngings ain’t got no conscious in them
mean streets ain’t no loyalty
Damn ,lostworld
They say I’m crazy because I say I see no future with this generation
I’m counting on the next generation to build with
How can you build with people
that fear what they don’t understand
Its sad, I’m just praying for them and hopefully they will come around eventually
Because its not all about the fast life
Its so much more to life then that and trust me hardwork will payoff if you
stay productive
Think about that,matter fact look up
the word up
And it will change you life forever
If you apply it right trust me it save my life

This ain’t rocket science the world is ending because we as a whole have lost humanity
It seem like majority of people is forself
and that’s not how the world works
Universal law is each one teach one
Do y’all understand that, if not just brainstorm and God will show you
God bless to all and I wish y’all the best
Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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