LORD, by Shara Cooper

All that You would have for me to do today, I did it.
All that you had for me to say today, I said it.
If it is all about helping others, so be it.
I did my best today LORD.
I gave my best today LORD.
I focused and purposed to take care of the needs of many others today LORD.
If it is never about me, I will learn to be okay with it.
I only ask that as I take care of others that You would send someone to take care of mine.
My child that I cannot reach.
My niece that I cannot teach.
My parents that I cannot help.
My family that I cannot lead.
I choose to put myself to the back and esteem others to be their best.
Please send someone to uplift the loved ones that I have left.
Here is where I am.
Here is where you would have me to be.
For today this is where I sit so I will maneuver as You please.
Doing as You ask.
Saying as You speak.
Helping others to attain their epitome.
LORD, I only ask that You please remember me.

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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