Ramad Sereal

The Letter Part #2, by Ramad Sereal

Whenever I tried to become wise and learn what goes on in the world, I realized that you can stay awake night and day and never be able to understand what God is doing. However hard you may try, you will never find out, the wise may claim to know but they don’t the secret things belong to God. The only way to understad the secret wisdom I’m referrng to is to be spiritually mature. Watch your thoughts and evil person and imposter will keep on going from bad to worse, decieving others and being decieved themselves. There’re five types of people i depise #1 a person who thinks that they know it all, yeah you can’t tell them nothing they just got it all figured out, #2 a disloyal person but we call them bitch ass niggas #3 a faggot lets just say stay your faggot ass from around me #4 a theif if you must steal, steal to feed your family. #5 a rat is the one I depise the most, they desreve a necktie columbian style. I don’t know what they would say when speaking of me, but one of these 5 charaters i would never be. If by chance I have to be one of those to get into heaven, sad to say be i’ll be going to hell. It’s a good thing God don’t like them either, please forgive me, my mind is always in an overwhwlmed state I try hard to learn as much as I can in ordr to teach my children a better way to live life.
My life is no longer my own I’m aware that what I do today affects my family tomorrow don’t you know every one is right in there own eyes, I would love for someone to correct me when I’m wrong that person would be called a true friend. Question Who are you?? What and who are you loyal to?? Try not to decieve yourself, So as a man thinks it, so is he. Always thin k positive and positive things happen. Fear nothing but God, youe see fear isn’t real it’s a choice. Danger on the other hand is real, however even in danger you make a choice to be fearless of fearful. Pray for peace and become one with the son in order to meet the father. I don’t know what the future hods but I’m preparing for it. Don’t stop yourself from becoming a better you. If you don’t like being lied to. Why do you tell lies? Don’t be the jack of all trades but master none, don’t fall victm to the world you can lose yourself if you aren’t mentally strong . Although I hate jail . I love the things it is teaching me. If you love God let the evidence show in how you live your life.
I know a lot of people say they love me but I just can’t believe them because love is aa action world. Have you ever tried to catch the wind if so hw did that go for you? That’s how I feel Aabout putting my faith in man, It’s so easy for humanbeings to let each other down even if unintentional. Just as a mind is a terrible thing to waste. A person with a evil heart is a terrilbe thing to have to face. At this moment I’m just existing thinks be to God but I’m not living. Time wasted is time lost. The only thing a person can’t avoid is death somewhere in the world someone has died today. Have you ever had a dream that just felt so real you thought you were trippin? Well incarceration is real and it keeps getting harder and harder. Im bonded by chances sinking further and further can’t resist or wave. Surrounded by these waters but can’t give up I have sons and daughters. Their my reason to live. They give me my drive t fight to survive. I’m not really that smart I learn from analying, and because of my observations I’m also far from stupid. Does me saying this make me sound crazy? Or is it just your lack of understanding. Smetimes even my thoughts need time to think. We all seek peace. Peace is truly found in one place and that place is in God. God is peace and we are broken…

When the sou has died
Tears all cried
Drained and dead inside
Pain unable to hide
pride pushed aside.
Fall to my knees
Cry out in pleas
Begging your expertise
On my soul diease
Cries feeling unheard
Begging and pleading for your word
One word one verse
To lift my spirits curse
The spirit of sorrow
The fear of the morrows
Tomorrows depression
My screams compression
My prayers repressions
The strains of my transgression
Being all that’s in this life
Marked with tears and strife
Lifetime of pain strain disdain constrain
Failing to stay sane
O’Lord hear my cries
Hands to the skies
No more questions of why
Only how’s
How to move from this place
How to erase
The stigma of disgrace
Seeking your comforting embrace
Remove the obstacles
To sing of the chronicles
Of the Wounded and healed
Pain Unconcealed
Made the choices to kneel
My heart revealed
The beauty in his grace
The comfort in his face
The love in his embrace…

My word is bond it means everything to me it’s all I have, Keeping my word is very important to me so I watch what I say and what i agree too. I don’t owe anyone nothing so why volenteer a lie to someone? I’m not the person people sterotype me as, it’s easy for people to make judgement towards someone else, I gues it makes them feel better about their misrabe selves. Look don’t do or say something you’ll end up regretting or having to apoleogize for. Just a few days ago a chick told me she sorry for not being there for me as much as she thin she should have been. I just laughed to myself because it’s so easy for people to tell a lie. But I told her the rtuth she don’t owe me nothing. God got me. People need to examine their values, most time what they say and what they do are two different things. Perhaps we all have different perspectives on life (Right). I’m not going to waste my time trying to fix nothing . To be honest I kind a like the small circle I have, I know now the only person who can make a chage in my wellbeing is me. I know my family loves me but my life is not a number 1 priorty for them no I’m not saying they don’t care about me but it’s a fact the only time I’m thought about is when something occures in their life that reminds … to be continued …


(The Letter Part #1, by Ramad Sereal)


Ramad Sereal
DOC #562093

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