Dennis Watson

Snitchin vs. Tellin, by Dennis J. Watson

I grew up in the late 80’s & early 90’s, this is the age of minding your business. Money making at any angle was never an issue for anyone. Either con, hustler, or straight shooter, things were in black & white for the most part. The street life, stayed in the streets & ever victim or bystander. When you’re in the streets, there’s a certain code to be strickly upheld by those who were directly involved. No snitching was the most deadly beside don’t get high on your own supply. If you were affiliated in street activity, dope selling, gang banging or heavy… You kept you mouth SHUT!! Under no special circumstances were any pieces of information volunteered… PERIOD!! With that being said, there’s an exception & a separation. Telling is different, & mainly done by someone who doesn’t partake in street activities. I personally don’t condone of either, & it falls back into mind your business. When it comes to shit happening to children though, the consequences should be deeply analyzed & for the most part excluded when it comes to our babies. I’m definitely anti-snitch & anti-tellin, but that’s where necessary lines need to be crossed. The innocence of a child is something that shouldn’t be victimized. Living in a world of silence in certain places when it comes to criminal activity is the normalcy. Law enforcement is all but trusted in black & brown communities & it’s a damn good reason why. For an officer to be put in an area to patrol where he never grew up, never congregated, or have any peers, is a death sentence for almost everyone that doesn’t look like him. For example, in akron ohio, a few college students that happened to be black had a legally owned firearm in a vehicle during a traffic stop. Even when the weapon was acknowledge & carefully brandished, shot where discharged. Happens in every city, large & small.
For the millinium, these new age kids have a different view of things we stand against. Even though i haven’t been in the streets for some time, i still live by these codes. Kids get high on everything, get caught up, & spill everything about things the cops never even knew of. They work directly with law enforcement like vice squad. No consequences, everyone embraces this lifestyle now. Nothing is loyal, & basically we’re in the new age ran by junkies. Don’t get me wrong, these new age kids are way more intelligent & tech saavy than we were. On the other hand, our principles & beliefs are stronger & more stable than theres will ever be. I never want to be the one to say it’s too late, because they are the ones that will be running the future. At the same time though, will it be ran by a bunch of untrustworthy rats? I ask so many questions to myself, & then look at my daughters & wonder… Will they end up with one of these spineless men that would rather tell all then take it on the chin & man up? Most of the kids now are dope fiends just chasing the next fix to keep from getting sick. I know how we were with weed, & liquor in our young days. When you got dog, percs, molly, & a bunch of different other shit they eat just to function correctly, it’s a different avenue. Parent are giving birth to addicts that were never given a choice if they wanted to do it or not. How can we tell them what snitchin or tellin is when there attention span is permanently fried? Rap music has become an identity struggle where it’s alright to be an addict for everything. Last time i checked, you had to have a I.Q. to be able to stay active in the money pit. Anyone can obtain wealth, the struggle is keeping it. I myself have never had a co-defendant for this very reason. When only you know about what happened, who else is gonna be responsible for throwing you under the bus? Right… I’m far from ever wanting to come back inside these fences, but if i have to, it’s going to
be for protecting my family. No one will EVER have any ammunition to snitch or tell on anything i’ve got going on, FACTS. I’m just fortunate enough to have a Queen behind me that believes in me more than i do sometimes. Just remember, when it comes down to it, if he’ll ride wit you, he’ll lie wit you. On the other end though, when that time hit you, he do everything, but lie wit ya, & that’s real. Be smarter black people, we demean & destroy each other daily. The police just got the authority to do it legally. The battle begins when you leave out of your front door. It could be the last time you see the ones you love. What makes it worse, is that it could be done by someone whose supposed to protect us. Stop be envious & get your own, when you have something going on, you don’t have time to pay attention to the next person. #Mindyours

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632-936

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