This Plan, by Shara Cooper

This plan is bigger than me.
Much higher than my comprehension.
Much wiser than my witty ideas.
Much more than I could ever conceive.
This plan is more powerful than any control I will ever exert.
Much stronger than my minuscule muscles.
My ball of energy falls far short to compete.
Absolutely nothing can or will prevent, hinder, or subvert This plan.
This plan is His plan.
This plan is God’s plan.

I never imagined that I would have to endure some of these things.
Yet, His plan composed This plan and everything in between.
Often what is a surprise to me is of no surprise to God.
All along it, that, those, were surely a part of This plan. His plan.
Every ounce of uncertainty on my part has never been a question mark for Him.
Never once has He been stuck baffeled.
Although, there are many a days that I scratch my head in wonder.
This plan has always been His plan.
This plan is God’s plan.

He knows the script.
He is most certain of the route.
After all, He is God.
Sovereign God that is.
I had a script too once written in my mind.
My own will once etched upon my heart.
I admit, I thought that I knew best.
However, His plan is that which prevails.
His plan being far beyond what I imagined.
The plan written long before anything came to be.
Again, what was a surprise to me surely was no surprise to Him.
Indeed, there have been many surprises along my way.
His plan is The plan.

The pain. The frustration. The delays.
The hurt. The disappointments. The many tears.
The plan included them all.
His plan assures that there is purpose in it all.
I don’t understand it.
I don’t even like it.
I certainly did not plan for it.
But, I have to accept that it is His plan.
After all, He is God.
He is Sovereign God.
Like it or not, His plan wins. Always.
Know it or not, His plan is always for good.
Feel it or not, His plan is full of purpose.
Best bet is to surrender to This plan. His plan.
After all He is God and I am not!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560


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  1. Our God: omnipotent: El Shaddai: self sufficient, Almighty, all powerful to work. He does not need to look outside himself for the renewal of His strength. HE IS. Oh, that we would all live -each moment- drawing on His unlimited resources. He has promised to come to our aid, renew our strength, and give us wisdom for our days here. My you continue to live in His Victory! You are treasured.


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