Spirituality vs. Religion, by TYWAN OSBORNE

Growing up I never understood the difference between Spirituality and religion, I actually thought that they were both one in the same, but while journeying and studying in prison, I found that they are two completely different aspects of human existence.
Spirituality is a persons divine connection with God, basically what people call their personal relationship with the Creator. Now how does it work? Connecting from within, through Prayer, meditation, fasting, exercising, and living a consistent productive lifestyle. Of course there are other ways, I just wanted to name a few. Now to religion, all of this strife about which religion is the BEST. I grew up as a Christian, and that is still the religion that I practice. However, while expanding my horizon I found that all God praising religions have the something in common, they all give instructions on how to strengthen your connection with God, and how human beings are suppose to live while here on earth. After all, that’s what’s said about the meaning behind bible, BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH. So that’s the purpose of religion, is nothing more than a body of instructions, rituals, and ceremonies, that teaches us how to develop and strengthen our connection with God. Through knowledge, I now know that my religion is just one of the many different roads travelled to get to God. By Tywan, also known as Utowia Lumumba.

DOC #A530165


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