Jonathan Banks

Mere Thoughts: 11-24-2018, by Jonathan Banks

Shooken by many nights of anticipation to what the Holidays bring.Mental view to the joys of life that makes moments like this so conglomerate.Each year that passes,a knew way to celebrate is all in the will of anyone, even for those behind the bars!!!!Never allow the likes of misery to tarnish the spirit of upliftment and your appreciation of life,especially if you know how to extract the best from it,as we all should before the end of our time.So,to all who has a undying spirit of HOLIDAY CHEER to be spread with no strings attached,keep your head to the sky!!!Happy Holidays and New Years to all and high appreciation to Suzie and her loved ones,as she helps me to spread the cherished thoughts of mines:-)!!!!

Jonathan Banks
DOC #AD2935

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