Nicole Henderson

Life, by Nicole Henderson

this thing called life can b easy but yet so hard. waking up is a blessing from the Lord. but in this place I’m in I wonder what love means as I cry out 2 da Lord on my knees. time flies with nothing 2 do besides thinking about da things you wish u could do. life you had,life you miss as time goes by, yet it’s hard 2 say 4 God I live and 4 God I’ll die. my kids are growing up and far away sometimes I wonder if giving birth was in vain. not a shame of da life I lived but 4 another life I can’t imagine what I’ll give. family and friends slowly fades away before long I will b all alone. no one 2 call, no one 2 write out of mind is really out of sight. search and see yourself 4 what you are really worth. the woman I was is no more but my past life keep knocking on my door. I’m a changed woman now oh how I wish da world could see. the Lord forgave me so now I’m FREE !
Life is crazy and that will never change. you’ll always be in charge of your life don’t let your life waste away. Your life is not in vain.

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