You Appeared! by Shara Cooper

My heart skipped a beat or two,
Maybe even five beats at the sight of you.
I have waited anxiously as the years rolled through.
At times the waiting became unbearable wondering “if?”, “when?”, and “who?”
I have not been able to eat,
My insides feel full.
No, there is nothing altering my emotions,
It is simply that I have become high off of you.
The sound of your voice now etched in my ears,
My Lord what a sweet surprise that has brought me to tears.
I keep finding myself hitting the replay button,
I cannot get enough of you.
Neither do I want to.
An answer given suddenly after many years.
There has been much weeping before God, praying that HE hears.
The desires of my heart,
The aches and pains that never went away.
Praying that HE would bring you back to me someday.
And so I wait!
To gently touch your face.
To hug you and hold your hand in mine.
To tell you that “I Love You” regardless of what they say.
Hope leads me to believe that you want to be apart of me,
As I do you.
Faith keeps me walking forward,
Believing that one day I will find you.
Or the day will come that you will find me.
The prayer answered where we begin to work on our healing.
The prayer answered for restoration in our family.
My heart is still skipping a few beats as I continue to meditate upon you.
Could it be that you are going throughout your days thinking of me too.
Prayers answered.
Many years have flown by,
Still the tears have been heard.
And, YOU appeared.
No doubt my insides are raving happy.
YOU! Yes, You appeared!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

Categories: poems, Shara Cooper

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