Timothy Kearney

“Ventilation System” Just Venting: Forgive or Forget, by Timothy Kearney

In order for you to see the light.. you must be willing to open your eyes…
In order for you to understand the truth..you have to experience the lies..
when i reminisce about my life I sometimes wonder why i cried..
maybe it was the fact that the ones who I thought were suppose to love me didn’t…
even when the love that i had for them had no restrictions..Yet!
I was always listening..
waiting for someone thats apart of my family other than my daughters to say..I love you…
I love you! So simple to say but hard to show with actions..
But I remember their reactions..
When i came around.. wassup Black let me hold something..
Wassup Black let me borrow something..
Wassup Black… I’m doing bad..help me out or something..And now..
Now that I’m in this predictment no one can even reciprocate that love i gave back..so thats why..
I say that I hate them..because I would never do what they’ve done..
but then the more I think about it I realize I don’t hate them..
I don’t hate them because I love myself to much to put that on my heart..
See..the Nigga in me is why I held on to what others were suppose to do for me..obligations because how I generous i was in society..
But as I got older the man in me now understands no one is suppose to do anything for me..
I made the decision to rely on the streets when life got hard..so I have to live with that..
And the repercussions of that is Prison..
Physically By Myself..
so as I stand here..as humble as I can be..I no longer hate anyone..
I actually forgive them.. I thank them..i thank them for not being there..
because it made me clearly see the ones that love me..and who I should show love post my release…
and like I’ve always been my entire life..I show love to everyone.. whether I know you or not.. that’s simply my character.. I’m a people person..social lite..but now I know better..but i still love..
so as I end this..I know there are some of you who felt that way or is feeling that way about someone right now..
Don’t..not for them..but for you..for your heart..for your piece of mind..
For your soul..
They say its easier to forgive than forget..
that may be true.. but at the same..its also easier to love than hate..
So love.. love your self..love your neighbor.. because a world without love is a world I don’t want to live in..
Peace and Love yo!!!!

Timothy Kearney
DOC #1174098

Email address Timothy Kearney#1174098@jpay.com

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