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Hello outside world and many blessings your way during the holidays..Well my name is Kenneth J Aderson..My friends call me Swifte..Im 26 very handsome and healthy..Im currently in RLCC which is 1630 Prison RD / Cottonport La 71327..Letting you know a little about me is easy..I love liteature really just writeing period..I write poems short storys even write music from rap r@b hip hop gospel country jazz etc.Ive wrote atleast 8 fullbooks..Dealing with real life issues also a few urbans..As of now im working on writeing a movie..IM a famiy guy really love anything with supporting my family or anyone i clam to be my family…Somethings in life make you or break you and i feel me receiving this time made me much better..Ive grown alot since ive been down and would really love for peple to hear my voice from inside these walls…Cause inside these walls peope love my voice they say i have the give off that pulls someone closer to me..I came to jail Dec.3.2012 i get released Dec,3,2020..But with God on myside i can recevie goodtime now so il b home Dec 3 next year..One more thing before i go ill like to say ‘Theirs many places in life you can go,But youl’ll never make it their if you dont Go”Which means allways take chances sometime go futher then your set element and go beyound..Just try it in believe in yourself trust me it work..Thanky you all for your time..You also could contat me on ( When doing this you put my name and DOC# which is KENNETH ANDERSON 578718…Support Da Struggle…Much Love and blessings…TO ALL

Yall will hear more from me soon…
Once again this is my info..

1630 Prison Rd
Cottonport ,La 71327



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