Angelo Vasquez

ACE OF WANDS, by Angelo Vasquez

Eight detached leaves drift indicating the Hebrew Yods. Meaning the ‘drops of light’ They’re the descent of the life-force from further evolved existences into the dense conditions (Ahrimanic) of the material existence. The wand is the symbol of will and power, continual renewal and of course has phallic significance. Will is the third part of the threefold division of thinking, feeling and will.The will is embodied in the metabolic system and limbs. It occurs largely at unconscious level unless a strong disorder such as pain brings them to awareness.At the physical body it comes as instinct, at the etheric body it comes as urge, at the astral body it comes as desire and at the ponit of the ‘I’ it comes as wish, motivation, and ideal. This ‘will’ we all possess may lead us into a significant journey or enterprise. Check your will see where it’s coming from.

Angelo Vasquez
CDC #G07505

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