Wayne Braddy

(A SMILE) That’s just, “MY STYLE!!” ( :>]) by: Wayne Braddy

A SMILE… is just “MY STYLE” because A SMILE is… “SOME-THING”, although un-spoken by the mouth & through other physical action’s un-seen. Can be FELT through emotion & in your spirit you’re “TOUCHED”. The $ Price $ of A SMILE (:>])… Weeeeeell!!!!!!! it really doesn’t co$t… THAT MUCH!!!! It cannot truly be purchased monetarily U-C ??? To produce A SMILE all U NEED is… some + POSITIVE + N-R-G . A SMILE is… “SOME-THING “, on stranger’s face’s i’ve seen. Whether or not we speak through the same dialect, a simple SMILE is how we passed by greeting oneanother as a sign of MUTUAL RESPECT!! Who’s responsible for: MY SMILE ?? There’s SO MANY PLACE’S, THING’s, & PEOPLE that i’d be unable to name. Soooo… I CREDIT ALL that’s given me joy & EVERY LIVING BEING who’s EVER showed COMPASSION to: Wayne. VIA: ULTRASOUND i’ve WITNESS’d babies inside the womb continuosly cracking SMILE’s while asleep. I’M SURE “if” they were already capable of communicating verbally, & actually able to speak. We’d easily recieve a STRAIGHT-FORWARD ANSWER to the question of “WHY” ?? The reason being… A SMILE… IS… A SIGN ,reflecting the JOY & APPRECIATION of simply… BEING ALIVE!!! ( :>])

Wayne Braddy #390056
North Central Corr. Complex
P.O. Box 1812
Marion, Ohio 43301

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