Angelo Vasquez


When Mercury is in retrograde a few things to know and remember is that Mercury represents the planet in its most primordial form not just the dense orb we can easily observe. Mercury also represents the Greek god who corresponds to the Egyptian god Hermes. Concisting with the tree of life in the Kabalah. This event is happening at the end of the 8th sephiroth ‘Hod’. Mercury is said to be sexless niether masculine nor feminine whereas Hod is a hermaphrodite. The dancing figure in tarot key 21 is an initiate with both sexes with the higher nature than that of being heterosexual. In the Secret Doctrine HPB speaks of the ‘Self Born’. We were all unisex many lives ago, we can see the demonstration with the everyday birth. Mercury in RX isn’t just about messed up communiction and malfunctions. It’s about communicating with ourselves our spirit our ancient godly selves.
( you can see more paintings,poetry, and tarot readings on my IG @Angelomalforms)

CDC #G0705

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