James Tayse

Knowing Your Rights, by James Tayse

most of us at our time of arrest are ignorant of the law, and can not afford to hire private counsel, which means we are appointed attorneys by the court, most of these attorneys are undereducated, underpaid, and over worked, and for the most part they get paid the same amount of money regardless if you plead guilty or go to trial, and that’s why there is such a high rate of guilty pleas, if that attorney can get you to plead guilty he gets paid and is off to the next case, the longer he takes on your case the more money he loses. that’s why so many of these attorneys try to either trick or scare us into guilty pleas, they tell you well they have evidence against you, if your found guilty you’ll get more time, they even try to get your family to convince you that pleading guilty is your best option, what they fail to tell you is if you fight your case, you can file motions with the court to suppress evidence, you can have your lawyer question witnesses, you can request the court appoint a private investigator, or expert witness, these are your Rights, learn them, know them, use them, the more you use your rights the better off you will be. if you make your attorney do his job and file the motions that applied to you then your chances at trial are a lot greater, and if you are guilty or wish to plead guilty, then by making your attorney work and file these motions, also makes the state work by fighting these motions which usually means they offer you a better plea simply to make you go away. so the more you know your rights the better off you will be, if you have the chance I would strongly suggest reading the Ohio criminal rules of procedure, they focus on all your Rights from arrest to trial.

James Tayse
DOC #540-094

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