John Gregory

Introduction Blog, by John Gregory

My name is John Gregory #742-047 I am currently incarcerated at Lebanon Correctional Institution P.O. Box 56 Lebanon, Ohio 45036. I’m 33 years old, single man, from Hamilton, Ohio. I have 3 boys and 3 girls who are the loves of my life my reason for breathing. I am currently doing 4 years for trafficking in drugs I have been incarcerated since 9-6-2017 and my projected release date is 9-6-2021 with good days my earliest release date is 5-24-2021.
I am looking for support from a friend or two to help me walk this pain down. I’m big on honestly, loyalty, and respect a man of integrity who moves on principle. I am also a leader who believes in leading by example one of my best qualities is not only my honesty but my ability to be straight forward in put it all on the table not to necessarily be confrontational but I’m able to confront a situation to dead a issue without dragging a problem on by leaving important matters in the air to work there self out if that makes any sense or not I don’t know I guess you’d have to be here to see it.
I also love sports football, basketball, and baseball. In I’m a big fan of music as well I even write a little the material I write I’d say its pain stains it’s ground it comes from my life’s experience and other loved ones addiction, prostitution, gang, and prison life etc. My favorite ball teams are The Reds, Bengals, Bulls, Buckeye football, and UK basketball.
Thanks for your time.

John Gregory
DOC #742-047

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