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first and 4most i want to greet all who eyes is reading this, my name is dakeith pleasant im 29 i am from cincinnati ohio i am currently incarcerated in lebanon corrections, im 5 yrs into a 17 year bid for invouluntary manslaughter and agg robbery, but in all reality honestly im doing 17 years for not becoming a rat, i left out there 2 sons 5 and 11 years old n even though i love my sons i am a man with no regrets, because if giving another oppurtunity i still wouldnt take no stand because i am not no judge nor jury and im not god so i would not be the cause of nobodys fate……… but im very openminded, i am very educated i got my high school diploma and came to jail n recieved my G.E.D…. i speak whas on my mind i do no have no filter if i have a question i ask if i dont know something i say and if i am wrong i will admit it….thats just a little about me, the man behind the words that you all will hopefully tune in and be reading…..but if anyone wishes to conversate about anything i write or wrote feel free to contact me on jpay, Da’keith Pleasant#a710-040…….. i will respond… but until next time peace to all…..

Da’keith Pleasant
DOC #a710-040

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