Happy Thanksgiving, by James Tayse

while growing up Thanksgiving as well as all other holidays was a time for family, we would all gather at my grandparents house and enjoy some amazing food, the deviled eggs and stuffing were always my favorites, it was nice because I got to see my aunt and uncle who moved out of town, and it allowed me to spend time with my cousins, that house was always filled with love. sadly after I came to prison my family slowly began to pass away, it started with my grandfather, not long after my little cousin Billy, then I lost my grandmother, and by this time our long tradition of getting together at holidays had passed, but the deaths in my family kept coming I lost my mother, then my aunt Tina, who was like a mother to me, and when I think of my family today I just get depressed, the love is lost, my family is either dead or divided, there are no longer family get togethers , half of them no longer even speak, I have 6 kids who don’t experience the joy of a family get together, they don’t even know half their family, as for me and the family that I still have alive from the good day’s, I might as well be dead also, my aunt and uncle I have not spoken to in years, my cousins the same and sadly Stephanie, was more like a sister. my little brother, its been years also my little sister I speak to every now and then and my step father I also speak to every now and again, I just hope and pray they all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

James Tayse
DOC #540-094


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