THANKFUL Never Ending, by Shara Cooper

The “set” day is here that millions of people celebrate as the day of Thanksgiving.
The hours will roll by filled with love, smiles, laughter, and Thankfuls.
Night will creep up on us with tiredness and soon we will be fast asleep officially making the “set” time over.
Tomorrow surely will roll in still flourishing in its beauty.
But what about us?
Will we still be the sameThankful tomorrow as we are today?
One can only hope so.

Thankful is Never Ending. Therefore we need not end it.
Continue in a heart of Gratitude acknowledging that there is so much to be Thankful for on any given day.

Being Thankful never has to end. So don’t you end it. Continue to think upon all that you do have to be Thankful for today, tomorrow, and always.

I Am…

THANKFUL FOR sweet sweet surprises!
THANKFUL FOR healing of a broken heart!
THANKFUL FOR traces of restoration!
THANKFUL FOR for you! Yes you reading these words!
THANKFUL FOR my THANKFUL never ending!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560


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