THANKFUL Continued, by Shara Cooper

My list of THANKFUL continues on as I have nothing but time on my hands to think. As we know, thinking can go either of two ways…negative or positive. It takes a deliberate act of the will to train the thinking for positive.
To nurture a THANKFUL mind seeps into the heart effecting my entire being. It is must. If not, well let’s just say my mind will be tortured of that which is negative. Who wants to think negative all of the time?
I admit that I once was that person who could hardly find anything positive to think upon. Thus, my attitude was always beyond negative for extensive periods of time. Unacceptable!
So I carry on THANKFUL!
And I would love to bring others along! It is such a lovely and liberating journey.
As I share a few more of my THANKFUL, I once again challenge you to grab ahold of your attitude of THANKFUL.
Take a moment to think. And, you too will find yourself very THANKFUL!

I Am…

THANKFUL For a warm shelter!
THANKFUL For an extra set of clothes to change into.
THANKFUL For the 2 blankets to keep me warm!
THANKFUL For the 3 meals that are served each day!
THANKFUL For strangers who become family!
THANKFUL For hearty laughter!
THANKFUL For a heart not calloused!
THANKFUL For the men and women who serve to protect this country!
THANKFUL For safety in a dangerous place!

And, the list continues…

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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