Holiday Sadness, by Ryan Quezambra

So ive been locked up for 10 and a half years, so holidays are just another day to me. Just another shitty meal that they feed us in here that has no flavor or anything lol. A regular day to most of us in here, with the exception to those who are religious. so I’ve never been one of them miserable guys who are always complaining n shit, I’m always pretty positive and trying to see the best in every situation and person. as I’ve gotten older tho its starting to hit me more and more like ” these are the times that were supposed to be spending with our family and loved ones, our children!” so its been really messing with my emotions this year idk why but it has. my son is almost ten now and he is always asking why I’m not there or if I’m coming to dinner or something SMH….its hurting my heart more and more. what I’m trying to say is I’m finally to the point where I’m understanding Holiday’s are more than just another day no matter where u are. whether I’m in jail or not, I should treat it the same and try to bond n build on these days. sometimes I try not to call him on these days or anything, but not this year, I’m gonna try my best to be there as much as possible without actually being there! with that being said, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday’s!!!!!

Ryan Quezambra
DOC #A607-338

Categories: holidays, Ryan Quezambra

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  1. That’s heart wrenching! Finding a positive in the grief , and building on it, is a great attitude. I hope you find some peace today and you’re able to see him soon.


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