Darryl Hammond

Being Thankful, by Darryl Hammond

This morning I woke up with a depressing feeling,due to it being a day before Thanksgiving,and the recent passing of my mother.I laid back down and meditated for a while,where my thoughts became my answers to my mood,so I wanted to share this with anyone that is reading it.Why be sad or depressed when we think of love ones and friends that has passed away or be sad when the holidays come around.We have so much to be thankful for,The most important one is we’re still alive, that’s a blessing,that we can still see the holidays so be thankful for that.And why grieve the lost of someone?When we should be thankful we was able to have that person in our lives,and to still grieve for them really shows our love for them and how special they we’re to us so be happy that they are in peace now and isn’t having to go through all the struggles we endure everyday.We should be very thankful that we are a United States citizen regardless of what our lives consist of,when you look at how people in other countries are living and trying to escape their hardships seeking aslyum here in the United States.We have so much to be thankful for, so please quit complaining about the small things when we can make it better if we put forth the effort,and want better.I know it’s hard but if you want change you must make the change with yourself first.And I can say this because I’ve been incarcerated right at 25 years and I’m constantly putting forth the effort to be and see better even though,I’m still locked behind the fences.As I end this I want to wish everyone and their families a Happy Thanksgiving,asking all to enjoy it and stay Being Thankful with what we do have at the moment by it’s more than other’s have. Sincerely,

Darryl Hammond
DOC #313890

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