Barnell Johnson

“Understanding Me” by: Barnell Johnson

“I may be wrong; I hope I am wrong!” My intellect leads me to believe that I am being misunderstood. Does this mentality of a better way to live life makes me seem weak? Being weak and having fear is something that we choose to do, but becoming a better person is something we have to do. On top of that, I never thought about being weak or fearful, so I nevr mae that choice. The insight of who I am is bigger than who I used to be. Knowing tht the world doesn’t stop turning; I will never get caught up in my expectations of not rubbing elbows with my problems.
Understanding me can be difficult! I’m very amazed about how my mirror image doesn’t share the same pose! Knowing nothing at all is never better than knowing what you are up against. Allow me to be me and understand me for who I am. I a not bad a it sound. I just shared a closed chapter of who I was before I self evaluated myself and understood my self worth. Now I can understand you and your struggle because your opinions and perspectives matter to me.

Barnell Johnson #498987
RLCC Cajun-1 C-1
1630 Prison Road
Cottenport La, 71327

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