Daren Moody

These Concrete Walls, by Daren Moody

This blog must begin with the testimony of a minister I call “Bro. Sherman.” He was in the Veitnam War, and in the heat of the battle, the enemis were dropping these ‘whistling bombs’ that were destroying everything in the vicinity. Bro. Sherman was in a small building that had walls made out of concrete bricks. Everyone else had already evacuated the building, while Bro. Sherman was left scrambling to gather the last of a few important possessions.
Thats when he heard this whistling sound getting louder and louder. He knew then, a bomb was heading directly towards him, and he panicked! He didnt even try to make it out of the door. There was a little old wooden table in front of him that was barely big enough for him to crawl under. As he got down on his hands and knees, under that little table, he began to quote Psalms 91. After reciting this evocative scripture, Bro. Sherman opened his eyes and looked around to see the entire building had been destroyed! Those concrete walls were crumbled to the ground and nothing remained but Bro. Sherman and that little old wooden table.
For years I could only imagine the fear and anxiety Bro. Sherman must have felt as that bomb approached. Until the day I stood in front of the judge and awaited my sentence. It felt like the judge hit me with a bomb when I heard him say, “25 years at hard labor!” I knew right then that this was either going to “make me,” or “break me!” I have seen the results of men living behind These Concrete Walls turned into hardened criminals, more sofisticated con-artsits, and more determined to live a life of crime with the intentions of never getting caught again! I have also seen these concrete walls break men. Leaving them broken, confused, and defeated. Only a shell of the man that they once were, with no desire for the success or happiness that they once sought 2 achieve.
The only logical explanation for this is similiar to what happened in the movie “Tarzan.” In Tarzan, a baby raised in the wild by gorillas, grew to think, act and behave as if he were a gorilla. Although this movie and the characters in it may be fictional, the concept and logic behind it is very true. Without any other alternatives to survive, a man can and will become a product of his environment!
What if These Concrete Walls could talk? What would be the magnitude of the secrets they hold? All the drugs, all the rapes, all the murders! These Concrete Walls have seen men turn from recreational drug users, into hardcore drug abusers! Men have gone from being sex addicts, into sexual predators, and some have gone from having mental anger issues, into being cold blooded killers!
That’s why I am proud to say, “I am not the same man I was before I landed behind These Concrete Walls!” Aside from earning 2 Technical diplomas through Central Louisiana Technical Community College, I am also the first at RLCC to become an A.S.E. certified Collision Repair Technician, and I have earned my N.C.C.E.R. welding certification. These Concrete Walls may hold my body, but I have not allowed them to contain my mind because I have learned how to think outside the box. God has allowed me to find myself by realizing “He has bigger plans for me!” Behind These Concrete Walls, there are others like myself, those who are stepping up to break the cycle and who refuse to be a statistic anymore. I have found the ability to master “Who I am,” and not “Who I was!” No longer dwelling on the past, as a victim of my circumstances. Even if These Concrete Walls came tumbling down, I will rise above the rubble and be the man that God intended me to be!

Daren Moody
DOC #386408

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