Shara Cooper

THANKFUL, by Shara Cooper

I Am…

THANKFUL for Being in my right mind!
THANKFUL for breath flowing through my body!
THANKFUL for being in good health!
THANKFUL for giving birth to my 2 beautiful daughters!
THANKFUL for being forgiven by my family.
THANKFUL for fully forgiving those who have hurt me!
THANKFUL for freedom! Both in my mind and my spirit!
THANKFUL for the gift of leadership!
THANKFUL for encouraging friends!
THANKFUL for my heart full of hope!
THANKFUL for contentment!
THANKFUL for all those who have prayed for me!
THANKFUL for peace! Both in my mind and my soul.
THANKFUL for purpose!
THANKFUL for healing from a broken heart and spirit!
THANKFUL for the ability to love freely!
THANKFUL for my Savior saving me from destruction!
THANKFUL for a smile! Both upon my face and my heart.
THANKFUL for growth and preparation for my future!
THANKFUL for this opportunity to somehow encourage you to be Thankful!

Now, I Challenge You to meditate upon twenty things that you are THANKFUL for!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560


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  1. For with our heart, voice and song, we thank God for His blessings here on earth. I am thankful for Jesus Christ, His forgiveness, and our eternal life ahead! Praise be to God!


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