My daughters birthday, by James Tayse

My youngest child Breanna, was born 12 years ago today. she was only a few months old when I came to prison and since then I’ve have not been a part of her life, I wish more then anything that I could just tell her Happy birthday, and let her know that her daddy Love’s her and there is not a day that goes by that she’s not on my mind or in my heart, what hurts the most about this whole situation is I lost my children and that is slowly killing me inside. I have six kid’s that I know of Breanna, is the youngest and Jimmy who just turned 15 in September is my oldest, I had six kid’s in three years, with two different women and all of my children were conceived in love, after I came to prison Tammy, the mother of Jimmy, Preston, & Yazmena, ended up losing custody of our kid’s and they were put up for adoption, the good news is a family adopted all three so they stayed together, the bad part is the family will not allow any contact with any of their old family, then Amanda, the mother of Jack, Kerri, & Breanna, refuses at this point to let me be a part of their lives. she use to tell me that if I ever left her then she would keep the children from me and tell them that I don’t love them, I never believed her until now. when I came to prison it really hurt her and I don’t think she has or ever will get over that pain. she use to tell me that her biggest fear was we would have kids and I’d leave her alone with the kids, I made her biggest fear come true, and while it was not intentionally done , I still left her alone with three kid’s, and I’m extremely sorry

James Tayse
DOC #540-094


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