Anthony Collins Jr.

INTRODUCTION BLOG, by Anthony Collins Jr.

Wassup, my name is Anthony Collins Jr everybody call me Tone and I’m 22 years young. My projected release date is 11/05/2028 but that can change anytime. I’m in Mansfield Correctional Institution. The address is 1150 North Main St Mansfield, Ohio 44901 I’m young but my mindset is alot older than I look. I like to cut hair, draw, rap, read, and write books, hood books, romance, mystery, kid books you name it. I always been the type of the person who will not say I can’t do something unless they tried it. I’m doing someone else’s time I’m a innocent man this is my first number and the judge gave me 12 years for Attempted murder, Aggravated robbery, and a 3 years gun specification 2020 my mandatory time will be up and I plan to be home by 2021-2022. I’m very family oriented my family mean everything to me. I’m funny so people like being around me. I also have some head phones and a clothing line that I’m trying to get lifted off the ground before or as soon as I get out the goal is to have it done before. I want to stay out of trouble after this because I never been the one to be in any type of trouble I’m a working man and I think its time to start working for myself. But this is just a introduction so I’m not gonna make it long but if you want to write me you can on jpay or by mail and you can learn alot more.

Anthony Collins Jr.
DOC #A700151

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