Eric Brandel

by Eric Brandel

My name is Eric James Brandel #421441 I am currently an inmate with the MDOC I am being held at 3100 Cooper St Jackson Mi 49201 I am serving a 5 to 40 year sentence for operating and maintaining a meth lab I was arrested June 1st 2015 and my earliest date of release is May 31st 2020 my max date of release is May 31st 2055 I am a single father of 4 I have been married and divorced twice I have a duel education one from school and college the other from the streets of downtown Muskegon Mi in a very low income part of town where drugs and violence was just a part of life I come from a good family my mother and father are very hard working and have been married for 40 years I have two sisters who I’m very close with and nieces and nephews who I love and who love me none of my family do the things I have done or live the life I have lived I guess you could say I am the black sheep of my family

* * *

I am doing 5 to 40 years for operating and maintaining a meth lab by no means am I an angle but in my case I was in the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time and because I refused to cooperate with the police ( because I’m no snitch ) or to become an informate well here I sit I am 41 years of age I am a father of four one girl age 21 and three boys one age 15 and two age 13 I am divorced I was born in Grand Rapids Mi and for the most part grew up in Muskegon Mi I’ve lived down south in Arkansas and Tennessee for a few years like I said I’m no angle I have been in the streets hustling since I was 12 years old so I’ve been in trouble a few times I’m educated and have had good jobs doing many things including being a live in home manager for a small group home for the mentally I’ll and developmently disabled working with Community Mental Health consumers.

Eric Brandel
DOC #421441


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