Franklin Comeaux

The Invitation – Delivered by Franklin Comeaux

My senses ignite,
when I detect her near.
The past, present and future…
they all just….disappear.

She has been waiting.
She desires to meet you.
Many have loved her,
but she…only a few.

I am her herald.
I am her right hand.
I am one of her chosen.
In her presence I stand.

She is reestablishing her court.
Her world is returning.
We have been her protectors,
since Rome began burning.

There are ancient secrets
shrouded within our order.
Secrets that unite us
since becoming part of her.

Cleopatra-one of her favorite.
She loved and adored.
Has left you a sign – 11:11.
It should not be ignored.

A hidden world,
the eyes will not see.
One door. Three locks.
I give you your first key.

Franklin Comeaux
DOC #335770

Categories: Franklin Comeaux, poems

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