Justin Larrison

Noticing, by Justin Larrison

So ive been locked up almost two years now. i havent taken a full body picture since i started working out back in march of this year. my mom sent me a picture of what i looked like on the streets. in the picture i looked so skinny and unhealthy, but in my mind i thought i looked good because of what i was being told.
now that im healthy and ive noticed myself in the mirror after that picture and i see the differnce. now that im healthy and sober, its such a huge change. im greatly appricative for this prison experience. not only did it save my life it has make me see thing more clearly and through a correct mind frame that only a healthy person mentally and phisically can see.
and im contining my schooling i start college classes in january and im contining my on going sobriety and meeting.
this is my first blog so i figured id try it out and see what i came up with on the fly of just sitting down. thank you for letting me write this and thank you for reading

Justin Larrison
DOC #A738225

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