Ashondre Speidel

Introduction Blog, by Ashondre Speidel

hi my name is Ashondre speidel I am 24 years old born and raised in Cleveland Ohio I been incarcerated since January 15, 2015 my release date is December 24, 2021 with early release I can go home in 2019 I was charged with aggravated robbery with two gun specs and was sentenced to 7 years, here are some things you should know about me, growing up as a child I was confused and didn’t have any guidance my father was a alcoholic and abusive so there for I felt abandoned I started running the streets at a really young age where I was looking for love and someone to guide me, I got shot when I was 19 years old and I also watched my best friend get killed right in front of me ,I have lost a brother and a sister since my incarceration but there is so much more to know about me. here are some good things to know about me I am a outgoing person and is down to earth when it comes to friendships or relationships I love sports I play most I even like to do outdoor activities such as fishing ,camping and hunting, im also a dog trainer I’ve been training dogs for 4 years and breeding for 3 it is something I enjoy doing I am looking for a friend who can teach me and lead me to success I am single as well and hope there is someone out there who can be compatible with me my japy info is speidel inmate # 670415 my address is

Ashondre Speidel #670415
tci 5701 Burnett rd .
leavittsberg oh, 44430


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