Keith Mustin

how inmates benefit from non-profit organization in prison, by Keith Mustin

one of the purposes i had is to MAINTAIN MY PRISON TERM THE RIGHT WAY. one of the main missions is to be involved in non-profit organizations such as:
1. RED CROSS- i am a red cross member involve in sign language classes where i learn how to speak to people who are death. it is a class where inmates who were in disabilitiy school had learned how to speak sign language. they then passed that knowledge they learn to the inmates that are involved in the program.
i am a DAT (disaster Assistant team) memeber where former experience paramedics and military doctors show inmates how to learn triage lessings as a First Responder and how to assist individuals who were in horrific accidents or natural disasters.
2. NAACP- i am part of the health panel where we set up classes such as ERT Emercgency Response Team as well as fitness expert in workout program.
i had graduated out of The Leadership Dynamics Program where i learned how to conduct businees meetings in a Parliamentary Procedure way and on a Union Basis.
i am part of the Enterntainment Panel where we set up plays, movie nights, and other enterntainment program based on a historic minority basis.
3.Healing Braken Circles program-
i am involved in Theatre Of Conviction where Dr. Jesse Glover (who is an Otterbien College Professor of Performing Arts) bring acting and directing classes to inmates.
i am involve in Improv Classes where Mr. Bill shows us how to act and display our sense of humor talents toward improv scenarios such as playback, storytelling, one-line comics, and whose line is it anyways
i am involved in Spanish Classes where Ms. JoDee Davis shows inmates how to speak fluent Spanish.
there are so many program that inmates can receive help and rehabilitate the right way but we need your help.
to learn more please contact me at:

Keith Mustin #505112
po box 57
marion, ohio 43301
thank you

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