James Tayse

Frustrated, by James Tayse

I’m sitting in this cell just frustrated by it all I’ve been here now since 2007, going on 12 years, and some days are easier then others, some day’s fly by, some seem to last forever, today is one of those day’s that just feels like its never going to end, I hate these days. but like all others I know it will pass and this day will turn into a week, that week, will turn into a month, that month, into a year, and sadly those year’s have turned into over a decade now. I often wonder how I made it this far, more often I wonder how much further I will make it, I have a life sentence which means unless things change and change soon I’ll die here, and as I’m only 42 I have quite a few more decades of these long frustrating days…. am I that strong , can I hang on, and if so what am I really hanging on to or for ? since I’ve been incarcerated I’ve lost everyone and everything I’ve ever held dear. yet for some reason I just can’t give up or let go, I know that this is not God’s will or plan for my life, I know in my heart that its not a question of if I’ll get my case overturned, its a question of when. so until that day comes I’ll just have to deal with this frustration and seek a purpose and meaning for this life…..

James Tayse
DOC #540-094


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