Donovan Clark

What Exactly Is “Race”? (Part 1), by DONOVAN DAVID CLARK

There is alot of misinformation circulating throughtout society regarding “race.” The common definition for “race” is “any major division of mankind based on color.” And the 4 so called major divisions are: Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid, and Amerindian. These classifications were man made and geographical in nature. These are the “racial” boxes we are told we have to identify with in order to be deemed citizens of this country.
Now let us look at how the ancient Hebrews described “race.” In Hebrew the word for “race” is “geza” and it means “a cultural group or type, an ethnic community, nationality, or a people united by customs.” By this definition, any group of individuals that are fashion designers could be considered a “race,” regardless of their skin pigmentation. Likewise, the same could be said about a group of engineers. Essentially people who come together that share the same traditions, or passion for something, can be deemed a “race” of people.
But the reality is that no matter the pigment of one’s skin, we are all one “race.” This is definitely a bold statement. Let me explain. Since all human life is composed of proteins called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and those 4 nucleotides (i.e. Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine) are transmuted to give us our genetic make up, then fundamentally we are all the same. All we seem to be are cellular variations of one another.
As organisms that are made up of tens of trillions of cells, our ancestors basically adapted to whatever enviromental conditions they found themselves in. This is how the original inhabitants of the Earth were able to migrate out of Africa and evolve into the myriad of “pigmented people” that cover the face of this globe today.
To quote Dr. Supreme Understanding from his book “The Science Of Self”: ‘There is no such thing as the beginning of Man. There is a beginning, however, to Man’s personal body….The Original Man is not just the body, he is Mind. Instead of searching for the correct ancestor, we know the common ancestor of ape and human, of plant and human, of bacteria and human, is Mind.’ Our body only reacts to external stimulus. So the conditions of our surroundings can, and will, effect our biological make-up, which in turn can effect physiological change. And Mind is the Supreme Director of all of this, the body is nothing more than a malleable cosmic organic substance. To place any emphasis on the mere physical appearance of someone in order to deem them superior or inferior, is to ignore the divine Principle that was responsible for shaping that organic structure.
The demarcation of man was done by man. More than likely it was done in order to maintain whatever position of influence and power the rulers-that-be had over those that were deemed of a lower class. Today the propagation of the false idea that humans are, and have always been, divided based on the color of their epidermis has been fused with the notion of classism.
In our modern society, the term “majority” has become synonymous with White or the ovrwhelmingly White power structure. And the term “minority” has become synonymous with the Black, Brown, and Yellow people, and in some cases the lower class. This separatist mentallity has to cease.
A large portion of our social ills seem to stem from individuals believing in the separatist delusion. We have to stop allowing our fears and insecurities to dictate how we treat other human beings. It shouldn’t matter whether someone belives in God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddah, Shiva/Shakti, Lucifer, or any Higher Power at all. All that should matter is another’s well-being.
Psychologists will render a patient as having a personality disorder if that patient is diagnosed with multiple pesonality disorder or disassociative personality disorder. These are disorganized mental states normally brought about by some sort of unbearable trauma. So could it be that since all of creation is an emanation of one Universal Mind, and since that creation (man) is responsible for it’s own division, would it be possible that we suffer from some sort of disassociative disorder of the collective unconscious? What else would explain our lack of regard for humanity?

HOTEP (Peace)

DOC #390-726


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  1. I had to read this twice first to read then to think about what was being said. The questions you leave are valid, although I must say I am still trying to understand the first question. I have tried to understand why the second question is so hard for us.”would it be possible that we suffer from some sort of disassociative disorder of the collective unconscious? What else would explain our lack of regard for humanity?” The lack of regard of a higher being that no matter what one believe has an ability to show, give and receive LOVE. Even the person that doesn’t believe in God still has a mind to love (even if it is self love). If we can apply that love for all and disregard our own pain, negative experiences and even some instances teachings of hate, big me little you etc. We as human beings wouldn’t put so much emphasis on what puts us in different categories, but more emphasis on love. This world needs genuine love!!


  2. Wow. Beautiful. The question you pose is valid. Also, it’s interesting how one definition of race uses the word ‘division’ while the other uses the word ‘united.’ Thank you for your words!


  3. We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten how to LOVE, as a result……we have become self serving, instead of selfless. Yes, we are all connected to our Creator and all of creation, ONE universal energy. Love is the most powerful energy there is. Love has the power to shape and create a perfect world. have a blessed journey

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