Shara Cooper

THANKFUL Challenge! by Shara Cooper

This is the season to be thankful. I totally don’t agree that we need a “season” in order for us to be thankful. Or a season to make us think upon that which we are thankful for. Nevertheless, I take this season that has been put on our calendar and maximize it with my Thanksgiving. I would rather not miss the moment of thanks.

Giving thanks and expressing our gratitude towards others MUST be done in every moment. A simple ‘Thank YOU’ and display of gratitude and appreciation will not only bless the person you are thankful to. But, it will also bless you.
Having a thankful heart and attitude will change your thinking. Cultivating a gratefulness within you will change your entire demeanor. Expressing gratitude will be a compass throughout your day regardless of where you are and who are around you.

I challenge YOU today to join in on the THANKFUL Challenge.
For the next four (4) days make a list or say a list of twenty (20) things that you are Thankful for.
I Dare You!

I also Challenge you to verbally express your voice of ” Thank You” to four (4)people each day.

Think about it….
There truly is soooo much to be thankful for and we really don’t need one day in one month to remind us how Thankful we should be.

Start being Thankful today!
I Challenge You!

Shara Coooer
DOC #163560

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