Franklin Comeaux

Introduction Blog, by Franklin Comeaux

My name is Franklin Comeaux, and I’m 47 years old. Damn, just reading that makes me feel old. I was arrested in June of 2016, and my current discharge date is around July of 2020, but after I receive my additional good-time that dats will move to around November of 2019. And, I’m going to receive a Parole Board Review on 12/05/18.
I’m 5’11”. I have green eyes and dark brown hair and I am around 200 lbs at the moment. lol I’m a Certified Fitness trainer and I have owned a Personal Training studio and a full sized gym. I’m not sure as to what I will be doing upon my immediate release, but I do fully intend to pursue my passion once again. Except this time….I will complete my mission!

Franklin Comeaux #335770
R.L.C.C. (Hope C1)
1630 Prison Rd
Cottonport, LA 71327


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