Dwayne Walker

Introduction Blog, by Dwayne Walker

My name is Dwayne “Wayne Bundy” Walker #A620-930. I’m 32, and been locked up since April 21, 2011, sentenced to 28 years to life, and judgement release year of 2029.I’m from Cleveland, Ohio born and raised. Being incarcerated at the age of 25, I’ve had an chance to experience life and fatherhood. I wrote my first poem for my grandmother (Mama), at her final celebration here on earth. After her death, I felt I had nothing to live for, unto I had my baby girl. Almost losing my life by being shot five times, and then put into prison, I started to put my anger and fights on paper, and that’s where I started writing, reading, and listening to life poetry. Poetry has helped me stay focused on my main goal, and letting my problems out in a more constructive way.

Dwayne Walker #A620-930
P.O. Box 8107
Mansfield, Oh 44901

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