Abdul Griggs

Breaking Family Ties, by Abdul Griggs

Demoralizing, destroying family bonds,and over punishing a person only desensitizes an individual.
See in the New Jersey State Prison Inmate Handbook 2016,17,18 Edition, it clearly states: Maintaining Family ties: “Authorized visits are considered to be a privilege (unless the correctional facility has regulations that specifically state otherwise.) Like any other privilege, the right to receive authorized visitors must be earned.”
The Department of Correction recognizes that the reintegration process should include the involvement of inmate family members. The members of the family are able to provide the offender with information relating to the outside world. Because of this, family involvement, including visits,is endorsed and encouraged by the Department of Corrections;”provided the offender behaves in a manner that does not result in the loss of visiting privileges.”
It’s very difficult to maintain Family Ties when we are unable to get a decent “Job” that’s available, so that we can help out financially and not become a liability to our family and love ones. State Prisons/New Jersey State Prisons should have jobs that pay a decent salary to inmates,there should be jobs that are available to every inmate that fits the requirements, it’s hard to maintain Family Ties,when we become a liability, when the Criminal System starts striping away a person’s parental rights, sons’ rights,brother rights, uncle rights,husband rights,friendship rights,cousin rights,and most importantly “Human Rights.”
The Criminal System states we are offenders; offender means,”sin,transgress,to cause discomfort or pain:hurt, to cause dislike or vexation: annoy. However, it seems like the Criminal Justice System causes discomfort and pain to inmates family and love ones, which makes us trangres and dislike.
How do any one suppose we maintain anything when we don’t get treated with dignity or respect by the same people who govern over us for a period of time or for the rest of some of our lives?
Society hasn’t the slightest clue as to what we have to endure behind these walls just to remain afloat.
For instance,when a person is found guilty of a crime they have a constitutional right to an appeal.Than that individual receives a discovery and transcripts pertaining to their case. However, when an officer searches their cell,they don’t care if they misplace an important piece of legal document or rip it,wet it or whatever period. All they care about is destroying that individual’s cell. Some of these officers will even destroy personal pictures and letters if they chose to,we are basically at their mercy unless we do something that we will regret.
We are asked as convicts to be respectful, maintain our sanity,and maintain our family ties. Believe me, we do our best to do that,but when an institution tries everything in its power to demoralize you,break you,turn you into an animal, build hatered in you, strip you of all your sanity,how can you? The Criminal Justice System has pushed individuals to kill themselves by breaking their spirit,they have even killed inmates physically!!!
As you can see,in both of these situations the Criminal Justice System doesn’t care if a person maintain family ties. How can they when they take an individual away from there family permanently?

Abdul Griggs
SBI #801020b

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