Shara Cooper

She…by Shara Cooper

She takes the blame for others mistakes. Mine especially.
She carries the shame even though She dare not say.
She hurts secretly afraid of letting anyone know.
She feels unworthy to ask for help out of her corner.
She carries a heavy load all on her own.
She smiles although her heart breaks for the one She loves.
She remains frustrated in believing that her hands are tide.
She stays in her home where She hides her cries.
She feels like she has nothing to offer and no way to help.
She doesn’t believe that She has power within herself.
She really believes that She is not enough.
She doesn’t know that She is more than enough.
She has suffered so much, solely because of the mistake of the one She loves.
She has been unfairly treated time and time again.
She has been wounded due to no fault of her own.
She hangs her head and sadness covers her face.
She has done nothing more than be good to the souls She meet.
She has been treated as a violent enemy.
She is hurting and has been suffering in pain for years.
She feels so alone on this walk through the valley.
She would never tell you or anybody else.
She is too adamant about being strong for you and I.
She carries on with her good deeds.
She is aching in her heart even though we cannot see.
She wanders is there anyone else out there that experience the same fears.
She is afraid to ask if there be one who can relate.
She doesn’t know what to do or what to say so She sits alone.
She looks out her window and cries privately in her home.
She is afraid to ask,
Could there be anyone else in this world who knows what She feels?
She is afraid of reaching out,
To possibly find another soul who cries for the one they love?
She is afraid of finding out,
If there may be anyone else in this world who feel guilt and shame because of another’s mistake?
She is afraid of seeking,
If there be one other person desperate for help and comfort from one who can relate?
She is so beautifully loyal in her unconditional love.
If only others would meet She..

She rarely asks for much of anything.
However I ask for She…
Could there be another like She?

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560


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