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LIFE WITH PATRICK (Volume 1; Blog 4), by Patrick O. Stokes

Hey! It has been a minute since I posted a blog. I recently found out some things about “allied offenses” when it comes to sentencing. This information may help me to see freedom someday, even though I am sentenced to LIFE. I have been doing a lot of research on this. I’ll share more as I learn more.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I don’t really have anyone out there in the real world to check comments to my blog. A couple of days ago, my younger sister emailed me and told me I got a response from someone named “slaininthespirit.” Thanks for your encouragement. Your comment really had an uplifting impact on my life.

People out there don’t realize how much the smallest communication can change a life in here in a very positive way. Our families think we are alright and safe and sound in here, so they don’t make a major effort to incorporate us into their lives. Other people don’t really think too much about us because we are in this isolated society that really doesn’t matter in their bigger scheme of things-while we sit in here and feel our humanity, every moment of every day, hoping that this isolation does not cause that humanity to slip away.

For those of you who have loved ones who are incarcerated, it is so hard for me to understand why you don’t get up in arms and fight to make a difference for our lives, at least in the lives of those of us who are ready to make a difference in our own lives.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not all about us. Life out there is hard as hell too, but what if we could make things better together? What if we could connect and build to make life better together? Wouldn’t that be great?

I hope my family does not get mad at me but I have to keep it real. If I am wrong, then write me and tell me how you see it. But, I am not the average incarcerated long-term offender. Everybody who knows me here, from inmate to staff to administration to outside volunteers meet me and know that I have something special. I have been blessed with a gift to change the world in which I live. Not in a small way but in a big impactful way. I talk to my family about this when I can. They know me and the potential I have been blessed with. I tell them that these blessings, gifts, and potential can better their lives as well, but they don’t connect with me in that way. I don’t understand it. I think it’s hard for them to find the time in their own complicated lives to invest in someone else. I think they are not comfortable taking the risk to invest time and energy into anything that may interfere with their struggles to make it. I understand that, but I wish there was some way we as families could connect, readjust and rebuild, especially when there is potential for greatness within those connections.

Come on somebody, feel me on this. How can we make a difference? Go to, set up an account with me and write me. Families, friends let’s knock down these walls of incarceration, instead of expecting politicians to do it for us, let’s do it ourselves. Just because I am serving LIFE in prison does not mean I don’t have a lot to offer. I do but I need help! Write to me.

What did you think of “There’s Hope For You Yet?” I am going to get it published!!!

This is another blog from: LIFE WITH PATRICK

Patrick O. Stokes
DOC #331-308

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