Anthony Collins Jr.

DIFFERENCE IS POWER, by Anthony Collins Jr.

Some people scared of being themselves because of what their peers might think or what they think girls might like. I’m in jail where I can see first hand how people act. Its like being in the Zoo, you hear all day about what dudes had, drove, beat up, shot, robbed, or wore. But you know some of these animals and you know that they wouldn’t make it in the real jungle, swamp, or desert. You never hear nothing positive come out of nobody’s mouth while they’re here and they don’t have nothing to show for the money they was making. NO I’m not talking about pictures I’m talking about houses or businesses they own. I’m different and I’m proud to be different, you see some people see a different person and call them corny like if they don’t sag, walk, talk, or do criminal activities like everybody else they corny. If being different make you corny then put me in the books to win the corny award because I refuse to blend in when I was made to stick out. Im a African American male that have freakles. I sing, rap, dance, write, and read I feel like a diamond in the sand in here. But its giving me alot of knowledge on the different caliber of people in this place. Now, I can tell the real from the fake, the hard from the soft, the kids from the adults, ect. This really sharpened me up. I know I’m alot more polished than my peers and some of them hate that about me. They hate that I don’t look at police officers like pigs because the way I see it they just regular people with jobs it could be their mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother or sister you feel me? I refuse to be like everybody else, I rather stick out and be called corny because its not that many people like me I still haven’t met no one like me my whole time being down and I been down since 2016. Well I gotta go just remember being different is not a bad thing we’re not meant to be the same. Difference is power and when you find out that you have the power of being different figure out the possibilities that come with it.

Anthony Collins Jr.
DOC #A700151


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