Aspiring To See, by Rodney Fenner

I would pay anything for only a look
At every single crannie and nook
Of attributes like ingredients perfectly cooked
Where one taste gets you totally hooked

I would give anything to be able to stare
At the knots of locks composing her hair
Or the glow of the eyes housing love’s glare
And her beautiful brown skin laid bare

What would it cost me just to gaze?
Into the future where we navigate the maze
Of all the obstacles life puts in our way
And the fervent emotions that keep us in a daze

Could I just be afforded a single glance?
At how we leave absolutely nothing to chance
How we overcome those obstacles to advance
To the most jubilant levels of our emotional trance

How can I acquire this exceedingly unique view?
Of one harmonic soul that was once two?
Of a connection no force could ever intrude?
Of the catalyst of celestial divinity as it ensues?

Am I wrong for still wanting to peek?
At the true culmination of everything I seek?
At a love that’s completely failed by all speech?
And the reality that it actually belongs me?

Don’t mind me,
I’m only aspiring to see.

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

Categories: poems, Rodney Fenner

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