Ali Jabbaar

“Still Bleeding” (Part II of Bleeding) By Ali Jabbaar (aka: Ace)

Still bleeding declares itself an emergency. Many are aware but don’t see it as urgency. Why? Because I no longer cry out that I’m Still Bleeding. We can debate about my wants but I’m Still needing. Or have my needs degraded to something less authentic. I’m Still Bleeding while close viewers remain politicking. I’m sitting. Slipping more into Sin City. Able to function even though theres not much life in me. Empty. Tin Man, your good without a heart. So you won’t feel the pain when the rain starts. Trust me. I’m hurt an Still Bleeding from a storm that’s taking too long to pass. Made me an outcast in a cruel game to see how long I will last. No time outs; unsteady crutches; unhardened cast. All. behind a transparent mask.
I’m Still Bleeding on these white walls. The stains still remain even when the night falls. In daylight, they’re not polite at all. They’re my efforts of when I try to rise but forced to crawl. Then I ball… into a fetus. Find myself calling on Jesus and I’m not even a Christian. But in search of anyone who will understand my postion. Many eyes and ear have heard but no one listens. Still Bleeding like its a tradition. Those that can help refuse to subtract from their commission or have a long delay of go astray from righteous intuition. I see these things a certain way because I’m Still Bleeding; blood blurring my vision and decisions. There are cures. Time for sure. But the duration is not pure. Things are artificial and contaminated. Man I Hate it! Wish my blood was laminated because I’m Still Bleeding.

Ali Jabbaar
DOC #623086

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